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Children's Personalized Stationery and Giveaways!

I have a thing for paper products, especially stationery. Since having children, I have been shamelessly using my kids as an excuse to feed my stationery habit. Besides the fact that I love paper products, I also love to send and receive handwritten notes. Sadly, I think letter writing is becoming a lost art. Regardless, it is one I plan to instill (and enforce!) in my kids. Sure, they are too little to write yet but whenever I write their thank you notes, I make sure to show them what I am doing, explain who I am thanking and what I am thanking them for, and usually try to get my kids to at least scribble a little something so that they took some part in the process. I do the same thing with gifts when we give them. I try to let them help me pick out the gift for the friend and then talk about why we think the friend would like the present. Inevitably, after I wrap said present, they insist that it is for them but you can't win 'em all!

Etsy is definitely my go-to spot for personalized products - especially stationery. There are some incredibly talented designers out there! I've done round-ups tons of times but while I was working on collecting my favorite personalized children's cards and gift enclosures for this post, I had a new idea. I decided to reach out to some of the designers that I was featuring to see if anyone would be interested in teaming up to do a giveaway to my readers. I thought maybe I'd get lucky and one person would bite. WOW. How I underestimated the response! Not only are the artists who make these cards, super talented, many of them are extremely generous as well and have offered up some discounts and giveaways to my readers! Head on over to my Instagram account (@cameronjonesinteriors) this week for details and to enter the giveaways!

If you have kids, this post will hopefully inspire you to find some cute personalized paper products. If you don't have kids, I think personalized stationery is always a wonderful and appreciated gift for nieces, nephews, friends, etc. Paper products are typically at a very affordable price point (unless you are doing letterpress or foil stamping or some other fancy detail) and they show a lot of thought and personal touch went into the gift. Many of the shops featured in this post also offer plenty of adult options for personalized stationery as well.

Boys Personalized Stationery

First up in my round-up are personalized boy's note cards. When kids are young, I prefer putting their first name or their full first and last name on cards just because they can recognize it more easily. My three and a half year old loves seeing his name written or typed. And if he sees any letter that is in his name, he will exclaim "F for Forrest!", "O for Forrest!", "R for Forrest!", etc. Not exactly, buddy, but I'm at least pleased he recognizes the letters in his name. Here are a few of my favorites and I can actually attest to these particular products as I've either bought them for my son or given them as gifts before. They are good quality and affordable.

1 // 2 // 3

Girls Personalized Stationery

Now on to girl's stationery. As anyone who knows me will agree, I'm not a super girly, girl so it is no surprise that I don't love frilly, flowery things for little girls or having everything in pinks and purples. In fact, one of my favorite colors to use for little girls is light blue. I think girls in light blue clothes are the cutest. I love that all three of these stationery options have a feminine touch but don't scream girly-girl. And yes, I broke my no monogram rule for little ones once on this next round-up but I love these cards so had to include them. Also, we know I have a major weakness for anything animal print and this black leopard print is so chic with the light blue.

1 // 2 // 3

Since my kids are only 3 and 1, we are just now getting big on the birthday party circuit but man, once it starts, it is fast and furious. One thing I always have at the ready are personalized calling cards/gift enclosures. It makes wrapping things a whole lot cuter and very easy. And if you struggling on what to gift to get the birthday recipient, rest assured his/her mom would surely appreciate some of these cute gift enclosures as the actual gift!

Girls Gift Enclosures

Again, my favorite girl products aren't overly girly. Any of these would top off a gift perfectly and they suit a wide range of ages so they will last (not that you'll have many left after a few months of birthday parties!).

1 // 2 // 3

Boys Gift Enclosures

Here are my picks for boys gift enclosures. It's funny, it wasn't until I put the photos together in this gallery view that I realized they all have a nautical theme! I love how each has a fresh take on a classic red, white and blue nautical feel.

1 // 2 // 3

Family Gift Enclosures

A great option if you have more than one kid or if your friends are close in age and routinely give gifts together, is to get ones personalized from your family or to put both of the kids names on them. These are some of my favorites for joint gifting.

1 // 2 // 3

So, there's my round-up of favorites for the kiddos. Check out the following Etsy shops for more great products and a big shout out to these shops for generously donating a giveaway for this post! Head over to Instagram @cameronjonesinteriors to enter! One giveaway each day!

Shops Participating in the Giveaway:

Preppy Prodigy - Offering 3 sets of gift enclosure cards, reader picks motif. Also offering free shipping to all Adorned Abode readers using code CAMERONJONES

Just Artin' Around - Offering one set of boat gift cards.

Liz and Louise - Offering 2 sets of enclosure cards, reader's choice. Two winners!

Kristi's Collection - Offering set of 24 of the pinstripe gift tags or stickers.

Letters for Frannie - Offering readers of Adorned Abode 25% off products in her shop using code HAPPYSUMMER. Valid through June 30, 2018.

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