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Some Favorite Instagram Accounts for Shopping Vintage Home Accessories

vintage home finds in north carolina

There's nothing more fun to me than the thrill of the hunt. I love stumbling across a great find for myself or a client. But finding the perfect vintage item for yourself isn't always feasible or practical. Vintage hunting takes time and persistence. It is also very rare that you will stumble across the EXACT thing you are looking for if you aren't out searching on the regular. If you love a collected, timeless and layered look for your home (or a good eclectic mix like I do!) but don't have the time, energy or know-how on where to look, I have just the ticket for you.

You may remember my previous post about some super creative local Raleigh women whom I connected with on Instagram and with whom I have since become friends. Yet again, Instagram has connected me to some other wonderful, talented and entrepreneurial women whom I admire (not to mention aspire to have their amazing vintage hunting skills!). A couple of them are located right here in Raleigh but all of these women call North Carolina home. However, if you aren't an NC resident, you can still get in on the action because, for the most part (unless the pieces are too large or otherwise noted), they will ship the pieces right to your door.

Today I am sharing with you some talented women who have an incredible knack for finding amazing vintage finds at reasonable prices. Sure, there are lots of people doing this now (and I had to limit myself to these NC people because there are so many people that I LOVE following along with) but these are some of my personal favorites - each of them has such an eye for beautiful, unique and elegant pieces but each through a slightly different lens which is what I love about each one. In addition to sharing with you what I love about these accounts, I asked each of the women behind the beautiful Instagram feeds to share some personal information about themselves so you can get to know them a little. I also included their Instagram handles so you can easily find them, follow along and snatch up some of the great finds for your own home.

Curated and Company

Curated and Company logo

Curated and Co's feed is full of gorgeous, bright and happy pictures of her lovely finds as well as elegant and classic inspirational photos of home decor. Lots of blue and white, tobacco leaf and of course the gorgeous rose medallion. It takes restraint not to buy it all, y'all.

Get to know Curated and Company:

Hi! I’m Jessica Davis - head curator at Curated & Company. After spending 10 years in education, I’m finally living my dream of sourcing eclectic vintage decor to help others create spaces they love. As a self proclaimed color lover with a penchant for pattern play, I’m constantly on the hunt for colorful finds with Chinoiserie-chic vibes. I do a little happy dance when I find vintage blue and white, tobacco leaf, and my absolute favorite- rose medallion! Our most recent finds are highlighted in Instagram flash sales every other Thursday at 7:30pm, but I’m always happy to source specific items from your vintage wish list at anytime!

Plate and Plaid

Plate and Plaid's Insta squares feature some of the most impressive blue and white collections up for grabs that I've seen. I also especially love the burnt bamboo pieces and art that she finds. There's always a surprisingly unique find that pops up!

Get to know Plate and Plaid:

Even as a young child I loved old things. Both of my grandmothers and my mom loved antiques and seemed to enjoy finding them almost as much as owning them. I have inherited that! I love new things, but old pieces have such a story to tell. Hunting for these beautiful things is such a fun hobby for me. I started out selling my own things on a local Facebook site and almost everything I posted was selling quickly. Soon after, I realized I could offer unique items that not a lot of other people have. My love of taking pictures of our home mixed with my love to shop made Instagram the perfect storm for me. On top of that, I have met some amazing women! The sweet customers that buy and send sweet thank you’s have become friends. I’ve also gotten to know a group of ladies who also sell on Insta and we have a special bond and friendship. Having this little business has been such a blessing – it’s hard work but very well worth it! They say find something you love to do and find a way to make money doing it and I think I’ve found it!

The Brass Magnolia

As expected, The Brass Magnolia's brass game is STRONG. There are some killer brass pieces all with great patina and style. But that's not it - there are plenty of chinoiserie and mid-century mod finds to suit any style.

Get to know The Brass Magnolia:

I’m inspired by layered spaces, artful mixes of high/low decor and time-earned patina that is left unpolished. To me, the most beautiful looks come together through patience and faith that the universe will always deliver the right pieces for the right spots. For my little shop, I only seek out true vintage - perhaps with a worn edge here and there but always having a story to tell. I love knowing that a woman long ago put time and skill into embroidering this set of cocktail napkins, or that a particular centerpiece vase presided over decades of holiday meals. Maybe this makes me overly sentimental but it’s so joyful to be a conduit for treasures once forgotten being sent off to appreciative new homes.

The House of York

I love the mix of classic finds from The House of York. Tons of stunning dishes, plenty of blue and white, milk glass and oh so much chinoiserie goodness. Oh and if you are in the market for Staffordshire dogs or animal figurines, House of York is a good place to start!

Get to know House of York:

I'm a wife to a veteran and mom to two wonderful kids. A little bit about me...I grew up all over the world thanks to my dad's career. Living in Japan for many years and Bermuda really created a love for Asian decor and English antiques. My home is a carefully curated and eclectic space filled with all things that bring me joy. Before kids my passion was design and building/refinishing furniture. Always on the hunt, I decided to start the business as a way for me to not only work from home, but as a way for me to share the treasures I find with a larger community. Treasure hunting is something I"m truly passionate about. Some of my favorite things to search and white, anything equestrian, all things English and anything unique!

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