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5 Affordable Rugs that Look Expensive

affordable rugs that look expensive cameron jones interiors

I've posted about my love for RugsUSA after we had to buy all new rugs for our house when we moved to NC. I've also used them in several of my client's spaces and have yet to have a bad experience with the quality of the rugs for the price or the customer service with them. (This is not a sponsored post - I just really am a fan.) Rugs are one of those things that if you can invest in a good one, it is an investment worth making. You can see how popular vintage rugs are these days due to the high prices that they demand. Because they are QUALITY. Problem is, not everyone, myself included, can afford to drop a few thousand bucks (or easily more!) on a rug. And even if you could afford to, sometimes other factors like pets, kids, high traffic areas, etc. would make purchasing an extremely expensive rug not the best use of your funds.

That said, buying an affordable rug, doesn't mean it has to look inexpensive or cheap. I've rounded up five rugs for this post that definitely look more expensive than the budget price tags they carry.

great rugs that look expensive but are affordable

1. Tribal Medallion Rug. Full disclosure: this is our living room rug and I love it. It's synthetic material and while it is a flat weave (invest in a good rug pad), it is super soft underfoot. You wouldn't believe the number of compliments we get on it.

eclectic living room with affordable rug cameron jones interiors

2. Dante's Persian Paradox Rug. This would be fantastic in a dining room. It's busy enough to hide food stains (I mean, let's be realistic) and I love the brightness of the aqua for an unexpected, bright pop of color.

3. Tikal Bordered Floral Garden Rug. This is a great neutral rug that would work in a variety of spaces. It's got some depth with the various underlying shades of blue but could be amazing mixed with some fun upholstery, pillows and drapes patterns and textures.

4. Ditmars Sabine Fringe Rug. This rug would work great in a study or office. It definitely feels like a vintage rug and not a new one with an affordable price tag. It also has a great fringe detail and border.

5. Pavillion Sherra Rug. I think this one is my favorite of the round up. I love the dark, dramatic navy paired with the lighter pinks. It would be adorable in a girl's bedroom but equally as lovely in a living room or dining room.

If none of these particular rugs float your boat, my recommendation for finding a good quality but affordable rug on the RugsUSA site is to narrow your area rug search down by material first. In my experience the higher-end LOOKING rugs tend to be made of wool or synthetic materials. Then you can sort it by the style of rug you are looking for (traditional, vintage, moroccan, etc.). My other piece of advice when ordering rugs online is to READ THE REVIEWS. Colors vary on computer screens and reviewers are honest about what the rugs looks like in person as well as softness, quality, and other factors that you may not consider. Reading reviews has helped me narrow down my purchase choice more times than I can tell you.



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