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Welcome Home

Cameron Jones, owner Cameron Jones Interiors

Photography by Addie Ladner

Hey and welcome to Cameron Jones Interiors!


I start each project with one goal in mind: design spaces that are meaningful, purposeful, beautiful and unique to each client.


I work on projects big and small, with varied budgets and styles.  I’m a firm believer in working with what you have first and building from there. Making your house a home that you can be proud is often as simple as restyling a shelf or moving furniture around to breathe new life into a space.


As we work together to make choices, you’ll find that I’m ​a huge advocate of mixing styles, periods, patterns, and colors. I love the thrill of scoring a good bargain or a truly unique find, which is why I frequently shop for vintage pieces. My favorite challenge is mixing in antique pieces or furniture that you already have and finding a way to make them function better with our modern lifestyle.


I have a knack for—and get a kick out of—sourcing and shopping for the perfect pieces, experimenting with layouts, and mixing patterns and colors.

Whether you want to breathe life back into your bedroom, make your living area more functional, restore order to your kids’ playroom, or totally redecorate your home, I’d love to help.



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