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The Timelessness and Modernity of Grass Cloth

I'm helping a friend decide on a colored grass cloth to back her shelving in her living room. It's currently helping the deep need I feel to wallpaper something in my own home. And this way it is free! Grass cloth is a timeless choice when picking wallpaper. It also offers great texture while remaining neutral which means your decor styles and colors can change but you don't have to worry about your wallpaper clashing or becoming outdated.

My friend's living room built in shelving is white and just needs a little oomph. I've been trying to convince her to go darker to get out of her comfort zone a this look:

But in the end, it is her space and she has to be happy in it and we have found what I think we have decided to go with. It is a lighter blue that picks up shades of gray in her fireplace and new rug and I think it will be stunning. I'll definitely show pictures once it is installed. It is a similar feel to this:

via Pinterest (I can't find original source but happy to credit it if someone knows.)

And since we are on the subject, I'll just provide a little more grass cloth eye candy for your afternoon.

Dark navy grasscloth with the trim painted to match. I'm HUGE into colored trim these days. It completely transforms an otherwise boring, traditional space into something chic and modern. A topic for discussion another day...

via Annsley Interiors

This bedroom by Greg Natale Designs is killer. I"m obsessed with the art over the navy grasscloth. How beaufitful are those crests?!

Greg Natale Design

Here's another space where the colored grass cloth, in this instance a minty green color, completely elevates the room from bland and traditional to a show stopper.

via DecorPad

I'm not a huge purple or lavender fan in the instance of decor but I liked the lavenders of the grass cloth in these next two photos. I think this is a great example of just how varied the colors can range. The spaces feel feminine and sophisticated. Lavender is also interesting to me in that it can work with cooler silver metals as in the first photo and works equally well with warmer golds and brasses in the second photo.

via Pinterest (original source unknown)

via DecorPad

Because of the amazing texture grass cloth gives to everything it is adhered to, it is not limited to walls. The grass cloth on the ceiling in this room gives so much visual interest and really accentuates the height of the room.

via Architectural Digest

Furniture wrapped in grass cloth is super sophisticated as well. It has a unique ability to feel super chic and sophisticated or more laid back and beachy depending on the type of furniture it covers or the color of the grass cloth. Society Social has a large amount of grass cloth covered furniture in all kinds of styles and colors that I just love.

Have you used grass cloth creatively in your homes? What about your favorite sources for affordable, yet high quality grass cloth?



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