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Pineapple of My Eye

You probably already know that a pineapple is the traditional symbol to show "welcome." What I didn't know was why the pineapple symbolized that. Apparently the fruit symbolizes those intangible things that we love about our home: warmth, friendship and hospitality. I'm still not really sure why a pineapple represents those things because it seems kind of prickly to me. But, there ya go.

When my friend Kathryn was visiting a few weeks ago from Scotland, she was telling me about decorating her guest bedroom and how she really wanted a pineapple for her guest bedroom. Ever since she said that to me, pineapples are popping up everywhere! And since it is summer and pineapples are fun and bright, I thought a post about them was timely.

Here's a quick round up of some fun pineapple themed goods for your home:

Throw an Outdoor Gathering

Party by the Pool

Adorn your Abode

For the Kitchen

Playful Pineapples

Happy Friday, friends!

xo, Cameron

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