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Kate Lewis Art - Bright, Whimsical Watercolors of Florals and Interiors

I saw Kate Lewis featured on OKL today and was immediately hooked. I want to live in a house decorated just like one of Kate's paintings! They are so colorful, lively and full of pattern, style and texture.

I think I've mentioned before but my mom was an artist and watercolor was her main medium of choice. She had a very whimsical style about her work which I think is why I'm so drawn to this type of art. Plus, who could stay in a grumpy mood with fun pieces like this on your walls?

The icing on the cake? Her original art is still priced at a point that you don't have to be a rich mogul or fancy art dealer to be able to afford! Some of the less detailed originals (like below) start for as little as $75.

I can imagine these livening up a bedroom or living room so perfectly! See all of Kate Lewis' artwork here.

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