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Crate and Barrel Does Kids

You may have heard that Land of Nod is now Crate and Barrel Kids. It makes me a little sad that another independent business bit the dust. But actually this has been coming for a while...Land of Nod started in 1996 but was bought by Crate and Barrel back in 2001. So I guess it was only a matter of time. The upside is that starting in April, they are going to be rolling out their collection into 40 Crate and Barrel stores across the country so now shopping in person got a little easier since previous there were only a handful of Land of Nod stores in the country. They've also recently teamed up with Genevieve Gorder who has some great pieces in their collection. (BTW - is anyone else as excited about the new Trading Spaces as I am?!)

I spent some time checking out their goods and just like Land of Nod, it's a fun mix of kitschy, fun and colorful pieces that would be a lot of fun in a kids space - and some could even translate to grown up rooms! They have some new items (or new to me anyway!) but have also kept some of their oldies but goodies. I put together some my favorites in a few categories.

Throw Pillows:

I'm a fan of the homemade feel of each of these. The lily pads looks like something that was hand knit in the 60's or 70's but has an updated vibe. Those pom poms on the rainbow? I'm a sucker for a pom pom. And the cross-stitch one is a cool mix of grandma chic and boho.

Wall Decor:​

I love the pattern and simplicity of the dog in the water pic. I actually appreciate that it comes unframed because I'm picturing so many fun things you could do with this piece when you frame it. We've all seen a ton of animal head wall art but this tiger feels fresh and not overly "kiddy" which means it could last a while into a bigger boy room. And I just adore the graphic cut-out clock that is a perfect blend of modern and antique all at the same time. It comes in pink too...


Both of these might be making an appearance in my house. That cloud basket is so simple and sweet but also practical. The best part is it will go with almost any decor. And I love the pop of color from the suitcase trio. My kids recently mutilated (no exaggeration) some fun ones we had in our playroom and at a meager $20 price tag on these for the whole set, I might be trying them out.


I don't know about you but both of my kids have a bunch of knick-knacky stuff that I want to display but it looks dinky and cluttery on larger shelves. A couple of these shelves could be the ticket. And if I don't put that peacock in my daughter's room, she may be making an appearance in my own bedroom.

Other Decor:

And finally, my favorite contenders from an assortment of categories. I love these Freehand curtains. They are neutral enough to match any decor but add a subtle graphic punch. And even better? They're blackout. Anybody with kids can attest to the importance of tricking kids into thinking it is still time to stay in bed! I just realized the irony in that last sentence as I sit here struggling to muster the energy to write this post on the day after daylight savings! Anyone else struggling?! Anyway, the glazed star hooks come in quite a few colors but could be great in a bathroom, playroom or mudroom in addition to any kid's room. And back to the kitschy I was talking about earlier...I don't know if it is because it brings me back to my childhood or because I am swayed by the shiny metallic but I love the dog balloon animal bookends.

I feel a little updating coming on to my kid's rooms after putting this together...

Happy Monday!

xo, Cameron

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