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Wrangling Your Rugs

Last week I posted about a new (old) rug that I put in our kitchen.

clean kitchen with vintage rug

I was super excited with the small (and free!) improvement the rug made to our space. But then reality set in when the kids ran through the kitchen...

Anyone else feel my pain?

We have beautiful original hardwood floors throughout our house. They are so pretty to look at but when we first moved in, we had to spend a lot of money on rugs to ensure the house felt cozy and warm. Luckily I had a bunch of my grandmother's vintage rugs that we were able to use in the hallways and the one pictured that we put in our kitchen.

The problem is getting the smaller rugs to stay put. Initially I bought those thin mesh pads that you can cut to size. While they were inexpensive (er - cheap), they drove me batty because inevitably some part of them would either be sticking out from under the rug or they would squish up underneath the rug so it wouldn't lay flat. Begrudgingly, I upped my budget and the stickiness factor and got some pads that seriously stuck those rugs to the floor. The heavier duty pads were pulling the fibers off of the antique rugs AND they were nearly impossible to move once I stuck them down. I wanted a happy medium between the two: something that would help the rugs stay put and keep from sliding but wouldn't stick so much that we couldn't get them up to clean under them or to readjust them.

Enter this rug tape that has totally changed our throw rug game. It's affordable and it comes on a roll that is easily stored in case you need to add another rug or change it out at a later date. And, you don't have to use a ton since you only need to go along the perimeter and so it serviced multiple rugs in our house. It has just enough adhesive so the rugs don't slip but enough so that you can easily readjust them or pick them up so you can clean the floors.

rug tape

positioning rug tape

You just peel and stick the adhesive (the yellow is where I hadn't removed the sticker yet). I would note that this is ideal for smaller area rugs or runners that are flat-weave. You'll have to have something more substantial for anything much thicker.

Here's a picture of the other rugs in our hallway that we have used the tape on and it has worked like a charm.

vintage rugs in hallway

We have a long set of hallways across one side of our house and I wanted to warm the space up with rugs so that it didn't feel so stark. I also wanted something to absorb some of the noise of footprints and echoes since this hallway runs past the bedrooms in the house. Having these rugs that don't match but all have a similar feel has helped pull things together. But we do have quite a few rugs scattered about now. My husband told me that he felt like he was living in a Dave Matthew's concert. I didn't know what he meant until I looked it up and then died laughing.

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