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Countdown to Opalhouse: The Newest Decor Line from Target

velvet leopard pillow from Target's Opalhouse

On April 8th, Target will release their newest decor line, Opalhouse. They're calling it an "eclectic aesthetic." Think lots of jewel-tones and rich textures. And I will likely do what I thought was humanly impossible...spend more money at Target! Between diapers, groceries, toys, clothes, toiletries and medicine and about three hundred million other things I never knew I needed but just had to have, our family spends a lot of dough at the bullseye.

I was pretty excited about the new Hearth and Hand by Magnolia line when it came to Target but honestly, I've been pretty underwhelmed with it...just as I was really underwhelmed with last night's finale of Fixer Upper. Was it just me or did they play the design really safe? And the whole episode just felt very anti-climatic given how much hype that show gets. Anyway, regarding the Hearth and Home line, I never found that there was anything special about it. Nothing that really stood out as unique and the prices weren't really all that low. My two favorite Target lines that I find are consistently good are Project62 and Threshold with honorable mentions given to Pillowfort and Oh Joy! But, based on the look of things, Opalhouse is likely to become a serious contender for my favorites list.

It was the leopard pillow in the photo above that caught my eye. I'm not sure where she would go but I'm fairly certain she needs to come live in our house.

The decor items and furniture pieces are pretty great, see?

Like Project62, I think they look a lot more expensive than they are which to me is an important quality when I am bargain-hunting or shopping at big box stores.

But the real game changer in my opinion is that Target is now planning to sell removable wallpaper as part of this new collection!

For 30 bucks a roll, wallpaper is going to be readily available to so many more people now. Imagine what a game changer this is going to be for rental spaces, college dorm rooms, etc. Sure, removable wallpaper has been around for a while, but selling it at an affordable price at a major national retailer is going to make it so much more accessible to people that may otherwise not have considered it. My guess is this is going to be the start of a whole lot more to come for Target and other major chains. Speaking of, have you seen the wallpaper collection over at Pottery Barn Kids? So stinkin' cute.

Bring on Opalhouse and let the wallpapering begin!

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