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Two Degrees of Separation from the Royal Wedding!

I love a royal wedding. There's something so fairy tale about it all.

I honestly thought it would be hard to have anybody Prince Henry ended up with compare to Kate Middleton but I have to say, I really like Meghan Markle. She is beautiful, elegant, a dedicated humanitarian and American! If you aren't caught up on all the latest in regards to the planning for the royal wedding, here is a good, quick overview.

Just the other day, they announced the florist for the royal wedding - Phillippa Craddock. It just so happened that we have good friends visiting us from Scotland and they were with us when the announcement was made. Guess what? Turns out my friend is friends with Phillippa's sister. Did you follow that?! I'm only two degrees separated from the royal wedding!

Okay, okay, so not that big of a deal. But what is a big deal are the gorgeous arrangements that Phillippa Craddock is known for. I was blown away looking at her portfolio. Here are some of the real standouts to me:

Seeing these stunning photos is making me even more excited for the big day on May 19th! I know I for one will be paying special attention to the flowers given that Phillippa and I are practically besties. ;)

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