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The Right Way to Faux Flower

Beautiful paper flower bouquet

I have become something of a {crazy} plant lady since moving to North Carolina. I think it is a combination of having a house that has a lot of great natural light, having a house that has a lot more space than we used to, and the realization that plants just truly do make a house feel more homey. Once you start, it is hard to stop. I personally think that every room (including bathrooms!) need a little plant love.

I have read so many blog posts and articles lately with round ups of the best looking faux plants and flowers and I just cannot get on board. Ya'll, if you think that you cannot care for a house plant, I challenge you to just try one. Just one. Get a small peace lily. You only need to water them once or week or so and the best part is that if you forget, they droop to remind you. Add a little water and they pop right back up. So easy! Or if you don't have enough natural light to make a peace lilly happy (because you do need good light), then try another low maintenance plant. It won't cost you a lot and it will honestly make your space feel so much happier and cozier. And you can have fun shopping for an adorable little pot for it.

Okay, off my soapbox and on with the post. As I said, I refuse to get on board with the faux flower trend. But, I do have an exception: paper flowers. Here's the thing, they really are like works of art to me. They resemble the flowers that they are made to look like except it is very obvious that they aren't real. So the fauxness is purposeful. And none of that ugly fake gel stuff in the bottom of vases that is supposed to look like water. I.just.can't. And an added bonus is that if you, like me, spend money on fresh flowers for your home, these will be economical since they won't wilt and die in a week (or less...).

Paper flowers Paper cherry blossom stems

One of the most talented paper flower artists I've seen is Carrie Walters of Paper Rose Co. She uses crepe paper to make these stunning replicas of just about every type of flower you can think of. She studies old botanical guides and actually dissects the flowers herself to figure out the best way to reconstruct them. Here's a sample of her flower art:

paper peonies paper flowers

beautiful paper flowers paper dahlias

paper flowers paper anemones

paper sunflowers

paper flowers paper lilies

paper flowers paper ranunculas

paper roses paper flowers

So cool, right? It's enough to make me want to get really crafty and make some of my own. And in case it has inspired you to, there are some great tutorials online. Here is a great round-up of 20!

Another thought...Mother's Day is just a little over a month away. Paper flowers would make a lovely gift that I'm sure any mom would enjoy!

xo, Cameron

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