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The Beautiful, Textural, and Vibrant Portfolio of Meg Braff

In case you couldn't deduce it from the title of this post, I am a huge fan of Meg Braff. That woman is so phenomenally talented when it comes to Interior Design. When I was collecting images for this post from Meg Braff's inspiring portfolio of work, I was giddy with excitement looking at them all. (I know, I know, I'm a big dork.) She's just so good. I've compiled some of my favorite spaces that she has designed and offered up my thoughts as to what makes them work. Inevitably, you will read a lot about color, texture, and pattern since to me those are key elements to good design. Meg Braff is a master at mixing all of them effortlessly.

Let's start with this sophisticated guest room. I love the colors and the simplicity of the bed linens. The multicolored stripes in the rug keep the space from feeling too boring with just the two colors. I adore the light wood tones that play off the orange-y coral color. The use of the shared little desk in a small room really is an effective space-saving trick and I love how the desk does triple duty: desk, nightstand and dressing table (thanks to the mirror) all in one. It's a comfortable guest room made practical thanks to the folding luggage racks at the end of the beds. I also love the lamps. They are simplistic and sophisticated at the same time. I recently found some similar ones for a client's living room at Home Goods of all places and snatched them up immediately because they looked so much more expensive than they were! The only downer in this space to me are the headboards; I'm not a big fan. I like the geometric element but I think I would prefer something more natural and textural as a headboard like rattan or wicker or wood. But that's just me.

Coral and white sophisticated twin bedroom by Meg Braff

I feel like it would be pretty difficult to be in a bad mood in this next space that Meg designed for a Sea Island home. This is a serious entertaining space - just look at all the seating that she masterfully arranged in the room. Between the cheery, crisp blue and white color scheme and that kitchsy-cool palm tree and the fun seahorses in the fireplace, the room is fun! And if the decor isn't enough for you, maybe the view outside is. I like how none of the blues "match" but they all tell a similar story. The gold accents and the green from the plants adds just enough of a contrast to all the blue and white.

I love the neutral palette of this next space - an entry way. It feels crisp and clean but not at all boring thanks to Meg's incredible use of texture. The beauty of keeping an entry neutral like this is that it is really hard to tire of. And with a neutral color scheme, you can easily change things up and decorate with all colors for different holidays and occasions. Also, did you catch a glimpse of the pool outside? I think I could be happy in this house...

I am not a huge aqua fan but I wouldn't complain if I got to stay in this lovely bedroom. The wallpaper and rug have a lot of pattern going on so the calmer and more solid headboard, furniture and stools give your eyes somewhere to rest. And the warm brass and natural elements again keep the room from feeling too cool from all the blue.

This room is one of my favorites despite the fact that I wouldn't necessarily say lavender is one of my favorite colors either. But, I adore the mix of floral and graphic patterns with the wood tones in the desk (how cute is it?!) and the shades. I really like how the bed fabric plays off of the architectural detail of the windows.

I love how the room has this artsy, lived in vibe of someone who just feels like they'd be cool to hang out with. The artwork feels well-traveled. The prints on the window coverings and chairs have a worldly vibe. And (here we go again!) the texture in this room feels palpable. From the wallpaper, the chairs and fibers from the rug to the stone on the fireplace - it feels so put together but not overly perfect or formal.

This is another space that feels very cultured and worldly to me. The darker colors feel very sophisticated and you know I have to comment on that fantastic animal print ottoman. As if the fabric wasn't enough to love - the shape really stands out. The rug has great pattern without being distracting and is a nice graphic contrast to the botanical/floral curtain fabric. I want to get that fireplace going and curl up with a good book in here. Or pour a glass of wine and talk for hours to good friends.

So much about good design is in the details. Everything about this little bedroom vignette works. I love the dainty fabric on the bed that feels fresh when paired with the modern shape of the headboard. I love the rich blue and gold on the lamp which grounds the space and keeps it from feeling too airy. None of the blues match but they all work so well together.

This fun bathroom would work in a number of types of houses - obviously it could be right at home in a beach house but I love that it also has such a youthful vibe and would work great as a kid's bath as well. It feels fresh, modern and clean.

This room is a really unique circular shape and I love that Meg played off that with so many of the other elements - the rug, the round table and the round light fixture. I also love the style mix - the chairs and windows are much more traditional than the modern table and fixture but together it all works. And notice how perfectly the wood tone in the chairs just helps to ground and warm up the space with all of the other cooler white elements.

Print on print. So as anyone who reads my blog knows, I am a big fan of mixing prints and patterns. But every once in a while, when done correctly, I also love seeing a large scale print repeated over and over again in the same space. It looks so chic. I love the practicality of the use of materials in this eat in nook as well - the leather cushions and chairs and table will just wipe right down. Kid-friendly and elegant - not two descriptors you hear together all that often!

I really appreciate it when designers bring in antiques and don't buy everything new. This wooden dresser is stunning and I love the warmth it brings. The space is so classic yet so sophisticated. It feels like it belongs in a stately old home on the Eastern shore.

Here's a space where Meg is masterful at blending feminine and masculine elements. The dark walls, drapes and architectural elements and tables all feel masculine. She softens things up in a playful way with the fur cushions. The fabric on the arm chairs is an awesome pattern that can easily appeal to both sexes. The floral art is a nice contrast to the dark wood walls and offers a little brightness to the room.

Dark and sophisticated living room by Meg Braff

And here's a great pattern mix! I love the unexpected colors. Nothing feels matchy, just collected but it all works together. And the business of the prints are toned down by the simplistic, natural browns of that amazing bench and the table and basket. And if you look closely, the art just picks up on the hint of colors in all of the pillows. This is a room that doesn't feel overly decorated but just works perfectly.

Gorgeous entry with pattern mix and texture by Meg Braff

There's a lot of pattern going on in here but amazingly the room doesn't feel too busy. And here is another example of my motto that animal print is a neutral! See how the bench still works even though the rest of the patterns are also busy?

I think this may be one of my favorite spaces. This could definitely be my dream master bedroom. It feels so serene and sophisticated. That chaise and bed both look so comfortable. It is a happy place with lots of visual interest but still feels relaxing and restful. That lacquered dresser is stunning and I love the softness from the window coverings to the rug to the upholstered benches and fluffy bedding. Heavenly.

See more of Meg's beautiful spaces in her full portfolio.

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