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Quick Tip for Fixing Flower Arrangements

I recently shared my sentiments on fresh vs. faux flowers and I'm wholeheartedly on team fresh if at all possible. I love having fresh flowers. My dream is to one day have a cut flower garden that will give me all different varieties of flowers to bring indoors. Until then, I'll just have to buy fresh ones. They don't have to be expensive to offer a bright pop of color to your home. Trader Joe's has the best, most affordable options I've found. These little ones I used for this post were under $3 for bunch and I'll bet they'll last me at least two weeks if I care for them properly.

Have you ever purchased flowers and then when you tried to arrange them at home, they seem to flop all over and not look intentionally arranged? The easiest fix is to try picking a vase or vessel that has a narrow opening. That will help keep the stalks pushed up next to each other and tighter together. But what if you don't have, or don't want to use a vase with a small opening? I have this adorable clear, dotted glass piece that I love to fill with fresh flowers. The problem is it has a wide mouth and so flowers just topple out even if I cut their stems shorter. Case in point:

Tip for arranging flowers

See how they are all falling over and have mismatched heights despite their stems being similar lengths?

Enter my secret weapon: a clear hair-tie.

Use a clear hair tie to help your flower arrangements

If you aren't using a clear vessel then it doesn't matter if you use a regular rubber-band or a colored hair-tie but we have a bajillion of these in our house and they work great!

All you need to do is bundle the stems up tightly and secure once or twice with the hair tie or rubber band.

Your once unruly and unkept flower arrangement is now tight and neat and tidy. See? Instant improvement.

Quick tip for arranging flowers - use a hair tie

And to make sure your flowers last as long as possible, make sure you trim all of the leaves off of the stalks - at least the part that is submerged in water. It'll keep them from getting mushy and rotting which means your flowers will last longer. Ya'll probably already know but you never know!

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