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Delicious Low-Carb Pizza - Say What?!

low carb pizza casserole keto-friendly

Ya'll, I swear to you that I'm not trying to push my carb-free Keto diet on anyone. It is HARD. I am at the start of week four. Might as well be a century since I've had any potatoes, rice, tortilla chips...ahhh!

I lie. I totally cheated yesterday in honor of Mother's Day and my one month mark. But I'm back on the wagon today. I am down a few pounds and I did have a friend tell me the other day that my face was looking a little thinner. Just the motivation I need to keep going! And honestly I do feel better and have a little more energy. I've had several people request more carb-free recipes and since posting about our diet, I have had a couple of friends tell me that they have now started trying to go carb-free. So, I thought this "pizza" would be worth posting because it was SO good. That's sort of my requirement for posting a no-carb recipe on this blog. It has to be good enough that I'd eat it even if I wasn't on this dang diet. And this pizza casserole fits the bill.

Neither my husband or I can take any credit for the recipe because the only modification we made was to add fresh spinach (which I highly recommend). The recipe comes from a website Low-Carb Yum and if you are going the low-carb route, it is definitely worth playing around on the website for additional recipes and inspiration.

I'd heard of a low-carb pizza with a cauliflower crust before but after all of our cauliflower "rice" dishes, we wanted to try something other than cauliflower. Also, this "crust" seemed easier. It is made from cream cheese, eggs, Parmesan, cream and herbs. It didn't offer the "crunch" of regular pizza crust but could pass for a soft deep dish (I told myself that anyway). In all seriousness, with the exception of the crunch from the crust, this tasted exactly like a really good slice of pizza. The pepperoni got nice and crispy and so did the cheese on the edges. And it was so filling - I was full after one slice! I can't say I've ever experienced that with regular pizza.

The full recipe is here if you are interested in trying it out. It definitely has my stamp of approval (and I know my husband's as well!).

low carb pizza casserole

Anyone else tried any really good low-carb recipes lately? I appreciate all the ideas I can get to stay motivated!

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