9 Awesome and Affordable Home Decor Finds from Michael's

Affordable Home Decor Store

Ahhh Michael's. A crafter's dream, other people's living nightmare. Despite my love of crafting, my previous opinion vacillated between a dream and a nightmare (try going in there with kids!!) depending on how badly I needed something. Last week, armed with an electronic babysitter (aka my iPhone) for my daughter, I headed in for a few things I needed to pick up. I was seriously shocked at all the great home decor options Michael's had!

It all started with these fun letter cut out books that caught my eye. I fell in love with the colors and fun prints. Unfortunately, they didn't have the letters I needed so I decided I'd look for them online but I looked all over and came up empty. I snapped a pic in the store so if anyone else sees them online, definitely let me know!

Affordable Home Decor Store

Once I noticed the books, I ended up wandering through a couple more aisles and found some other really cute stuff! Take a look at the rest of my favorite finds:

Affordable Home Decor Store Michael's

Pineapple Mirror // Kilim Pillows // White Wood and Iron Shelf // Ceramic Lanterns

Ya'll, those kilim pillows are $11.99! And if you use a Michael's 40% off coupon, you are practically STEALING them. And that pineapple mirror has such great lines no one would ever believe you that you bought it at Michael's! I think the ceramic lanterns would be so cute on a porch or for an outdoor party. Just think how the light would twinkle through those little cutouts.

Affordable Home Decor Store Michael's

Oaxacan Pillows // Doormats // Dip-dyed Taper Candles // Pom Pom Tote

These Oaxacan pillows look SO similar to much more expensive Otomi embroidered ones that I've seen. And I love the added pom pom detail. Those candles would totally MAKE a tablescape. And okay, so the tote isn't exactly in the home decor category, but it was so cute I had to include it.

I must say, between these Home Decor items and all of the new Martha Stewart party supplies, I may have to add Michael's to my regular home decor shopping circuit!

Is there anything you especially love from Michael's that I've missed? Do tell!



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