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5 Things in Your House that are Gross and You Probably Need to Replace

The title of this post is an assumption but I'm guessing that everyone who reads this is guilty of at least one or two things on this list. If you're not, good for you. I, for one, was guilty of several. I like to think of myself as clean and neat and organized. But when I took a closer look, there were some things that are pretty gross in our home.

Truth: I'm a little bit of a cheapskate (although I'm quick to blame it on a having a limited budget) and so spending money on mundane, non-beautiful items for my home does not excite me one bit. But once I shelled out (what turned out to be a minimal amount of money when all was said and done) the dough to replace these things, I actually notice and enjoy some of the new, improved and much cleaner purchases.

Here are five things in your home that you use all the time that need to be inspected and likely replaced if they've kicked their coverage.

1. Baking/Cookie Sheets

The idea for this post started a couple of months ago when I FINALLY purchased new baking sheets. It's not like baking sheets are a big expense. Call it laziness, complacency, or just plain nasty but I shudder to think how long we had our old ones. (Honestly, I know but I am too embarrassed to say.) I also used to cover up their grossness by lining them with tinfoil or parchment paper before I cooked with them. However, once I chucked out those nasty, black, grimy old baking sheets, and shelled out for some shiny new ones, I realized how this little change really refreshed me. I use those things all the time and seeing new, shiny ones makes me more excited about the food I'm preparing and feeding my family. They just look so.much.better. And I'm sure they are more sanitary too!

2. Can Opener

It was actually my husband who recently asked me to replace ours. This is another one of those every day items that you use all the time but even if you run it through the dishwasher, after a year or two, some major gunk and grime can accumulate on there. And then every time you open a new can, the old grunge wipes off on the new one. Blech. And I shudder to think about anyone using their can opener to open pet food cans and then using it on your own food. Just buy a new one. Pronto.

3. Air Filters

Air filters are one of those things that we all know we need to replace but always somehow keep forgetting. Out of sight out of mind and we forget. Plus, if you are like me, sometimes I'll be at a hardware store and remember that I need to replace ours and then can't for the life of me remember the size. So now I took a picture and keep it in my phone with a calendar reminder of when we need to replace them. And we still probably need to do it more often than we do.

4. Bedroom Pillows

Do you ever take a good luck at your pillows when you are changing your sheets? If they are stained with yellow, or more than a few years old, it is time for new ones. Or you can keep sleeping on your congealed drool. Up to you. We recently purchased new down-filled pillows. They are super comfy and soft and while down is an investment, we found a great deal at Nordstrom Rack. Check Home Goods or TJ Maxx, too, for some great deals.

5. Kitchen Dish Sponge

Common sense: if you dish sponges are dirty and you are using them to "clean" your dirty dishes, then everything is just still dirty. I replace mine every couple of weeks or when they look like they aren't fit to do their job.

These are just a few of the things I've noticed lately...any I'm missing?

xo, Cameron

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