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Cameron Jones Interiors is Open for Business!

Cameron Jones Interiors Business Cards

It's hard to even know how to begin to write this post since doing interior design has been such a long-time dream of mine. It hardly seems real that I am in a place (so much in thanks to my husband and his support) to be able to launch Cameron Jones Interiors.

Cameron Jones Interiors Logo

In January 2018, I made the decision to start my business and in March of this year my new website launched. I'm now official with my business license and all of the accompanying (boring, but necessary) tax ID's sales tax certification, etc.! My philosophy, business model and pricing structure is a little different than other interior decorators. I think interior design has a stigma attached to it that you have to have a large amount of disposable income or a big, fancy home to warrant hiring a decorator. To me, it is much more challenging working within limited budgets and much more rewarding helping people who really want to love and feel proud of their homes but just don't know where to start. That's not to say it wouldn't be fun to decorate with a big budget! It's just that realistically that isn't always the case and that's okay, too. It is my goal to help all of my clients love their space(s) and make theirs a home they can be proud of no matter what the budget.

In case we don't already know each other, hi! Thanks for stopping by and reading. This is me (below) in my living room and you can read my full bio here.

Cameron of Cameron Jones Interiors

There are two things that are extremely important to me in regards to how I view interior design and decorating:

1. Homes should reflect the people who live there. I don't like houses that feel overly decorated or devoid of character. I like shelves, art and furniture that make the homeowners happy. Bottom line, if the homeowner likes it, we can find a way to make it work! I think my friend Paige Rien said it so well in her book "Love the House You're In", " [Good design happens] when not everything matches but when the spaces match you and what you're all about."

2. I am a big believer in mixing styles, periods, colors, textures, high end with budget pieces, vintage and new. I think that it is that mix that gives spaces character, uniqueness and a comfortable, welcoming feel.

eclectic and comfortable living room
eclectic and fun girls bedroom

bold pattern mix in guest bedroom

bright and airy master bedroom

navy and white and fun boys bedroom

You can visit my Services page to get a comprehensive list of my services and rates. Here are some of the things that I can help with:

Furniture Placement and Rearrangement

Do you have an awkward floor plan and you struggle with how to address it? Has the function of your space been driving you nuts but you don't know what to do? Are you just ready to change things up but don't know where to start?

Sourcing and Shopping

Do you have an idea of what you want but just need help finding that perfect piece or pieces? Be it a rug to tie your space together, pillows for your couch or lamps to finish off your room, leave it to me to find one or several options for your space that will work within your specified budget. I'm also happy to be your shopping buddy and source things along with you.

Decorating and Styling

Do you just want to give your shelves a facelift? Do you want help placing rugs and furniture? Do you need help knowing how and where to hang your artwork or to create a good-looking gallery wall? I can come work in your home and help you check off your list of design to-do's.

Design Planning

After meeting with you and seeing your space, I can put together a plan that will include a suggested room layout, a mood board for you to understand the proposed feel of the room as well as suggested sources for furniture and accessories. Remember that I can get discounts at most major retailers (Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, West Elm, etc.) and I am also able to access To The Trade Only for custom pieces and I will do my best to pass on savings to my clients.

Home Staging

Are you selling your home? I can help you get your house ready so that you can increase your sale profit. I can offer suggestions for your color palette, ways to arrange furniture, tips for organizing and de-cluttering and de-personalizing so buyers can envision themselves in your home.

Whether you or someone you know might need some help, please do think of me for your next project. Word of mouth is always the strongest endorsement and so I appreciate all of my loyal blog readers, friends and family spreading the word. I look forward to taking this next step and appreciate your support!

xo, Cameron

P.S. I have to give a big shout out to the incredibly talented, funny and kind Olivia Stock, owner and founder of Prim Media Group. Olivia created this beautiful site and both the Cameron Jones Interiors and Adorned Abode logos. She's also been a wonderful (and patient!) teacher, problem-solver, and sounding-board for me and I am truly appreciative. I also cannot recommend her enough if you have any digital, web, or social media needs.

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