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Small Additions to Make a Big Impact to a Boy's Bedroom

mood board for a big boy room navy and white and orange

I put together this mood board for a client's son's room. They have some GREAT existing furniture and so in this instance, all it needs are a few finishing touches and some simple styling.

Let's start with what they already have. They have two beautiful wooden, antique twin beds with great, simple white bedding. They have a great campaign dresser that they had lacquered in a really pretty navy blue. The beds and the dresser are laid out as they are in this mock up and because of the size of the room and the furniture, this is how it will stay. On the other side of the room is a small chair in the corner with a small white bookshelf that serves as both storage and a little table for the chair. See, a great start!

Starting with what you already have and using things you love is very much part of my design belief. For a minimal amount of money, I am recommending a handful of items for them to purchase to completely pull the space together.

We already knocked a big one of the list. The rug they had was too small for the space and the colors weren't working. We are using this great navy and white herringbone rug that will offer softness underfoot and great visual texture. And like everything I'm proposing they purchase for this space, these are things that will grow with him as he gets older - nothing too babyish.

navy and white herringbone rug for boy's room

Now that the rug is in place, I suggest they purchase five additional things to complete the space:

mood board for navy and orange boy's bedroom

1. Colorful Pillow Shams

large monogrammed pillow shams for boys room

My client indicated that she liked the look of monogrammed shams. I suggest keeping the white bedding and punching up some color here with some bright shams. I like the large monogram for a boy - it is a modern take on a traditional monogram. I think the orange plays nicely with the navy. Found here.

2. Pair of lamps to flank dresser

navy and white striped lamp for boy's room

These adorable navy and white striped lamps are from Target so you know they are a good price! I love how the detail of the brass would tie in with the hardware on the campaign dresser. And again, these can easily grow with him.

3. Mirror

simple gold round mirror

Because the dresser doubles as both a bedside table for both twin beds and a dresser, I am suggesting lamps and a mirror. My client has existing art work that will stay above each of the beds. This mirror is simple and timeless and again picks up that brass detail. And it's on sale for under $50!

4. New Window Treatments

The current window treatments are curtains that are too short for the space. It is a challenge however because due to the existing furniture and layout of the room, one bed butts directly up against the wall and window so having full length curtains won't work here. I am proposing that we pick a fun fabric that will coordinate with the navy and whatever color shams we end up selecting and that we either keep the existing blinds and install a simple valance across the top of the window for some color and fun OR we remove the blinds and install a fabric shade.

For the purposes of giving my clients an idea of what this fabric could look like, I sourced two options that would coordinate with the navy and orange. And either of these options can last for years to come in his big boy room.

This first one is is a really fun pattern.

navy and orange sophisticated fabric for boy's room

I just adore this sweet fox pattern.

adorable fox fabric for boy's bedroom

5. Lamp for Bookshelf

navy gourd lamp for boy's bedroom

They've got a small white bookshelf situated opposite the beds next to a neutral arm chair. It's a great place to read books but currently there is an old lamp behind the chair. I'm suggesting that we upgrade to a smaller lamp on the bookshelf so that it is easier to access when reading or playing and it will be a pop of color on the white bookshelf. Again, no need to break the bank. Just a simple navy blue gourd lamp like this one will pull it all together.

These things plus a little styling and zhushing and I think the room will look fab! Can't wait to see how the space turns out.

xo, Cameron

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