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Design for a Coastal Casual Living Room

My lucky clients have a new beach house and I'm helping pull things together. Because we are working on multiple rooms, we are trying to keep the budget in check. I put together this mood board to give us a starting point. As soon as I created it and sent it to my client, I came across some great finds that we both LOVED so we have made updates but this is still the feeling we are going for.

Here is the original design concept. Comfortable, casual and coastal without screaming beachy.

I plan to use a natural fiber rug for durability at the beach but am thinking of layering on something that will be a little softer underfoot. They have two young children and so I want them to be able to play on the floor and be comfortable.

The very first order of business was addressing their existing red leather couch and chair. Let's be honest, red leather doesn't exactly scream relaxing beach house! That said, they were FREE and in good condition. Brand new furniture wasn't in the budget. Enter my sweet friend Gina who owns Slipcover Chic. She's a miracle worker if you ever need some slipcover work done. I can hardly believe the transformation! And before you make a snap judgement about a preconceived notion you have about an ill-fitting and frumpy slipcover (I get it - I have had the same thoughts), let me tell you her work will completely change your mind! Her slipcovers are completely custom and fit like a glove. But, as with all slipcovers, they are removable and washable - perfect for the beach!



It's nuts, right? Next order of business are new pillows. I found these that I just fell in love with and felt like they were the exact vibe we were going for in the space. Aren't they beautiful?!

And to compliment them, we went with this classic and tailored striped pillow:

I wanted to do a glass coffee table to lighten up the space. We had planned to purchase one similar to the one in the design mood board above but then I came across this awesome vintage one which I think is even more fitting. I love to try to use vintage when possible because the quality tends to be higher and the prices tend to be lower! This pretty table is from Union Camp Collective - a great spot in Raleigh, NC to find really unique vintage pieces.

I can't wait to get to the beach and style it up! I am picturing it with some lovely books and shells and lots of pretty things. Here are a few tabletops that I love looking at for inspiration for this!

via Coastal Living

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I also just came across this adorable (and vintage!) little bamboo side table that we will use as well but I have to get there to play around with the furniture arrangement.

Still on the to-do: sourcing rugs, lamps, artwork, accessories . We've made good progress though with some of the big pieces. The best part is that I will need to make a trip to the beach soon to help style it in person. Yay!

xo, Cameron

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