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Selecting Window Hardware: Five Stylish, Functional and Affordable Curtain Rods

A lot of times people get so bogged down in deciding on curtains or drapes that they forget about an important item which is the hardware with which to hang them. While I am all about saving money and trying to decorate on a budget, I cannot stress enough that investing in some decent (and sturdy!) hardware will save you so much hassle in the end - especially on heavily used windows. If you open and close the draperies often and go too cheap on the hardware, inevitably you will find that the screws pull out of the wall or the rod comes apart and crashes down. Trust me, I've learned the hard way multiple times and it is so annoying and frustrating.

There are a trillion and one options out there for your curtain hanging pleasure. But 99% of them are B-O-R-I-N-G. Spending a little time shopping for the right hardware can take your window coverings to the next level. To offer a little inspiration on that front, I've rounded up a few really cool options that not only look great but they also don't cost a fortune.

Let's start with these lucite beauties. Lucite is an easy way to instantly up the glam in your space and with the gold detailing, these look and feel really high end. I especially love how these look in front of a colorful wallpaper print or a fun wall color because they really let the color shine through.

lucite and gold curtain rod and hardware

This next rod is definitely going to be sturdy since it is solid wood but the cool speckle detail really elevates their look. These would totally spice up some neutral curtains and would pair nicely if you did a bamboo shade on the inside. The best part? They are on sale right now for nearly half off!

speckled wood curtain rod

Speaking of a great rod for a neutral curtain, these burnt bamboo rods would really amp up some neutral curtains as well. And with the lucite finial on the end, these definitely look high end but have such a reasonable price tag starting at $49.

beautiful burnt bamboo and lucite curtain rods

These mid-century rods are elegantly simple and tailored. They have a kind of masculine vibe to me and would work great in a boy's room or a study.

midcentury modern curtain rods

Before you select your curtain hardware, it is important to think about how much use your window will get. If you know you will need open and close the curtains frequently (ie a daily basis), a smooth and sleek design like this metal rod would fit the bill. The acorn finial detail on the end gives it a little something extra in the style department. It's shown here in polished nickel but there are other finish options. If you select wood or another material as your rod, make sure you either have the grommets or rings that are big enough to slide over the rod. It is important to note that the most basic type of curtain, called a rod pocket (basically just a hole for the rod to go through the fabric) is typically found on a lot of store bought, inexpensive curtains. In my opinion rod pockets are the hardest type of curtains to open and close so you want to be especially thoughtful when selecting your rod for that type of covering.

polished nickel curtain rod with acorn finial

Lastly, I really like these pipe rods for two reasons. 1) I like their modern, industrial vibe and 2) they allow the curtains to wrap all the way around the window to the wall which means they are great for blocking out light. And there are several options on finishes.

industrial pipe curtain rods

I actually used similar ones in my son's room (below) and can attest to their sturdiness since we open and close his curtains ALL the time!

Have you had any trials and tribulations with window hardware?

xo, Cameron

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