The Modern Monogram: A Round Up of My Favorites

August 14, 2018

I'm from the South so I can't help it - I love a monogram.  And having kids has taken my love of monograms to a whole new level.  Today's monograms have come a LONG way from prissy curly-Q-scripted fonts that I remember from growing up.  The new fonts, color combinations and ways to think about utilizing monograms just keep getting cooler and cooler. 


And because you know I cannot bear to pass up a quick history lesson: Monograms started back in Greek and Roman times as a royal signature.  In the Middle Ages artisans started using their own monogrammed initials to distinguish their works of art.  Fast forward to Victorian times and monograms became symbols of prestige and aristocracy.  Soon they became so prevalent that nearly household had developed their own monogram - noblemen had fancier, more ornate monogram styles and lower class families had simpler designs.  Today monograms are so ubiquitous to the South although the real reason for that (after some research)  seems to be based in assumption and not fact.  The general consensus is that Southerners tend to take great appreciation in both familial and regional history and thus the monogram tradition has continued to withstand the test of time.  I, for one, fit that category to a tee.  


You see many brand logos sporting personalized monograms.  In fact, if you follow along with me regularly, you may or may not have noticed that the talented Olivia Prim of Prim Media Group played around with my own monogram on the logo she designed for my business.  I'm sure that is one of the things that instantly drew me to it.  Do you also see that she also drew inspiration from a door?!  


From a interior design standpoint, one of my favorite things to do is to take traditional elements and find fresh ways to style or mix them in with more modern pieces.  I think that is why I have really felt drawn to so many of these new monogram styles - they have traditional elements with fresh, new spins.  Here's  a round up of some of my recent favorite finds and styles.  


We all know that I also have a paper problem.  Combine a monogram and beautiful stationery and I'm a sucker every time.  One of my favorite paper shops is Erin Hanes Design Co.  Erin has such a fresh spin on monograms and I've been a repeat customer multiple times now.  Her products are high quality and make great gifts. 


 via Erin Hanes Design Studio


While we are on the subject of my weaknesses, go ahead and add anything animal print on the list.  This leopard pillow is adorable and just the perfect amount of Chinoiserie coolness to keep it from being too cutesy.  


 via Peppermint Bee Etsy shop


I love these sheets because they are tailored, interesting and can be perfectly masculine as well as feminine so are a great option for a couple.




I'm not sure what I like the most about these monogrammed napkin sets by Morgan McKenzie Designs - the awesome options or the price - $36 for six?  GREAT GIFT OPTION.  Also, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to have some of the Christmas ones for this year.  I couldn't just pick one so included a sampling of her gorgeous designs:



I think these fun modern crests are so great.  Back in 2014 I posted about this modern take on family crests but they are so fun they bear repeating.  Looking for a very original and thoughtful wedding or anniversary gift?  Here's the ticket.  


 via Rachel Rogers design


One can never go wrong with understated simplicity.  These notepads are just that, elegant, simple and timeless.  


 via Meredith Collie Paper


Another one for the timeless and simplistic category: these scalloped coasters with the beautiful and simple gold monogram would be beautiful at a party, wedding, shower, etc.


 via NapkinNiche


Sometimes in my searches I get lucky and happen across some killer boutiques that I never knew existed.  I got lucky in the search for this post and found Number Four Eleven.  I'll take one of everything please!  But, since this post is about monograms, I reserved myself to just big a couple of my modern monogram favorites - how about these hand towels and this pillow?!  Swoon.




I love the colors and patterns on these fun beaded pouches from Mark and Graham - and you can pick any of their modern monogram styles to monogram the reverse side.


 Any other must-see monogram shoppes or styles that you've found and love?   Do share!  


xo, Cameron



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