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Chinoiserie: the one that got away and my own OKL design challenge

I had absolutely no intention of writing a post today. In fact, my husband is traveling and I was looking forward to binge watching some design shows and hitting the sack early. But I felt compelled to write after I wimped out on buying a really cool chinoserie screen today and it is bugging me.

I have no problem pulling the trigger on smaller ticket items but I miss out on some really great furniture and larger scale finds because I don't want to spend the money when I don't have a spot for something and also I don't have a good storage solution right now. As my business grows, this is something I'm going to have to deal with down the road.

Anyway, today I came across the most amazing chinoserie screen and I am having major (and I mean MAJOR) regret for not scooping it up. Not for me but for some lucky someone.

It was so unique and absolutely massive. I can just imagine how stunning it would look in the right space. But alas, I didn't pull the trigger. I did however tip off a couple of my favorite sellers in Raleigh in hopes that someone will go scoop it up!

The afternoon went along and I just haven't been able to stop thinking about this thing. Then I opened my email and had one from One King's Lane about a chinoserie collection they were selling.

image from OKL

So of course I had to click on it. And there was another totally awesome screen staring me in the face:

I felt like the thing was mocking me for not having the gumption to pull the trigger on the other screen.

But as I kept perusing the collection, I fell in love with some other pieces like this bamboo lamp (might be one of the most beautiful lamps I've ever laid eyes on):

...and this killer antique dim sum basket (that I don't even know exactly what it is but it looks so cool):

And sure there's plenty of blue and white in the collection but I especially loved this umbrella stand:

And I have a good friend who I'm going to be helping with a project remotely. She's Burmese and I had to send her this awesome Burmese vintage rattan chair:

The more I looked at everything, the more I wanted ALL of it. So, to satiate my need to buy things that I have no where to put and can't afford, I designed a room with all the things I wanted to buy. And made sure that the screen was in there! Because I enjoy a good challenge, I only allowed myself to use pieces from this exact OKL collection. Nothing else. So here's what I came up with:

design for a chinoserie inspired collected living room

It's definitely of the more is more vibe. It's not for everyone. But that's what I love about design. I can appreciate a space like this that feels worldly and collected and oh so maximalist but I can also love, admire and appreciate (and design!) a space that is much more minimalist, subdued and modern. I didn't design this room for anyone and it isn't like anything I've ever put together before so I enjoyed stretching my design wings a little. But, I'm totally digging it and feel a TINY bit better about not buying that screen. This helped get it out of my system....a little.

Do you ever have non-buyer's remorse? Is there something that you are still kicking yourself weeks, months, even years later for not scooping up?

xo, Cameron

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