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Design with a Colorful Punch!

I love colorful interiors. I wish I embraced it more in my own home but all I ever hear myself thinking about in the back of my head is resale, resale, resale. But the thing is, I need to get over myself. People in rental spaces can have perfectly neutral walls and still have really colorful homes. So I have no excuse. I'm going to challenge myself to inject more color into my own home and hopefully some clients as well.

I think deep down a lot of people wish their homes were more colorful. But we all shy away from it for fear that we plunk down money and then tire of a too bright color or a too bold print way too soon. But then I look at spaces designed by the amazingly talented Amanda Louise Campbell of Amanda Louise Interiors in Greenville, SC and I am inspired to go big with color. She uses color so masterfully, effortlessly and in abundance that you can't help but think that it would be hard to feel unhappy if you lived in one of the spaces she decorated.

If you were looking closely, you will notice that the walls in most of the spaces (save for that ah-mazing papered powder room) are neutral. She brings in color through art, draperies and accessories.

I think the other thing to note about her spaces is that (and you - or even she - might disagree with me) is that she does color with some restraint. Sure, its bright and she's maximalist but if you pay attention, she sticks to some same general colors in the spaces and so while they are bright, the colors speak to each other. Or, she will choose one main BOLD accent fabric and then play with the colors and other prints that work with it. It's not easy to have an eye and a knack to pull things off like she does. A couple of wrong turns and the space could feel like a circus rather than a sophisticated space. Keep watching for her, friends. She's got some serious talent.

So, the next room in my own home that receives a refresh is going to have more color injected. And I'll channel Amanda Louise as I do it. Hope her work has inspired you to also bring some color into your spaces!

xo, Cameron

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