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Design for a Functional and Fun Playroom

I've been helping some good friends who recently bought a new home with several spaces in their house. One space that is coming near to completion is their playroom and so I thought I'd share a few of the elements of the space with you. Here's the design plan:

There are two young boys using this space and they wanted it to feel boyish and playful and I think it is shaping up as just that.

It started with this great (and affordable!) navy herringbone rug. It is a flat weave and very soft.

When it comes to a playroom, organization is the name of the game. They used a pair of these Ikea Kallax shelves (flipped on their side) and filled with a mix of wood and fabric baskets. It perfectly hides the clutter and helps keeps similar toys grouped together. And, it is the perfect height so that the kiddos can reach everything they want to play with.

Here are the shelves all dressed up with the baskets:

A tv is perched on top along with a few accessories. I found the cute navy globe at Home Goods.

They decided to use their old living room couch in the playroom which is an easy to work with neutral khaki color and I found these adorable pillows at Michael's (of all places!) to give a higher-end look of Otomi for much less money!

The sofa is flanked by a simple round table (above) and a small set of shelves similar to the ones below. We gave the formerly white shelves a quick update with a couple of cans of high gloss navy spray paint and they look so cute.

Since the tables are small we are going to install sconces over the two side tables to free up valuable table top space but also to avoid lamps getting knocked over - this is a playroom for two little boys after all! The matching sconces will also unify the look since the two side tables are different. Love these gold and white numbers from Crate and Barrel.

Lastly, the large expansive wall behind the couch is calling for some art to brighten up the space. We are strongly considering these great abstract prints from White Orchid Prints on Etsy.

Mainly art and sconces are left so we are getting close and I am so excited to see the final space come to life!

xo, Cameron

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