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Festive Holiday Finds for the Home

Until this year, I've always been known to have my Christmas shopping done well in advance, presents wrapped prior to the tree going up, and the house decorated as soon as Thanksgiving is over. And ours is usually one of the first Christmas cards my friends receive. Not one of those things has happened this year. And I'm not okay with it but I'm trying to roll with the punches. Two little kids slows anybody down and I've been happily busy with the design business that I haven't focused as much as I should have on the state of affairs around our own Abode. But, we will get there. Or we won't. But either way Christmas is a comin'!

To start the holiday season off right, I've rounded up some of my recent favorite finds for the holiday. Some to decorate your home, some for gifts, some for hosting (or to give as hostess gifts), and some just because it's Christmas and do you really NEED a reason?

First up, look at this adorable felted garland. I love that it is bright and fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. Perfect for decking out a playroom or kid's room or a fun and festive table setting!

I love the simplicity and timelessness of this pine tablecloth It's enough to give you plenty of texture and visual interest without interrupting the rest of the tabletop decor.

This ferris wheel tree topper is just F.U.N. That is all.

We shopped forever for an advent calendar. It's actually easier said than done to find a really cute one. But, here you go. This one is pretty darn sweet. And I like the pockets for little daily treats and surprises. Another idea my friend Taylor taught me years ago is to do a daily advent calendar of good deeds for others. So you could slip little notes in it with good deeds you could do each day.

I love the whimsy of this reindeer ornament. And I like that it is all white so it would really show up on the tree. Oh, and also, the kids can't break it. Major bonus points in my life right now.

This star shaped tray is SO affordable and could have so many uses. Would be adorable to serve snacks to your guests on during the holidays but can't you see it also piled high with cute cookie and wrapped up cute and given as a gift this holiday season? Well I can. And honestly this could work anytime of year!

We all get plenty of sweet treats during the holidays. Give people what they really want: a bottle of wine. And hang one of these cute jingle bell wreath ornaments from it and you are festive in a hurry.

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I love my leopard print tree skirt that I finally broke down and bought from Ballard a few years ago (and now I'm glad I did because it looks like they no longer sell it!) but I also LOVE the chic simplicity and sheer practicality of this tree collar. No skirt to deal with and how much prettier is this to look at rather than the hideous tree stands out there??

Need a quick and easy change up to dining chandeliers or sconces in your home. These plaid shades are simple, elegant and festive.

I'm clearly into stars right now since this is the second star I selected for my round up but I adore this simple gold hammered star ornament. It' so simple and pretty and you could totally leave it out year round hung on a door knob or dresser knob for an added touch of fun.

And last but certainly not least (because this one I think is my favorite of the round-up), is this adorable Feliz Navidad Otomi pillow. I love the colors and the fact that it is in Spanish. A fun little twist to your usual holiday decor!

Happy holiday season, everyone!



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