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Great North Carolina Vintage Furniture Sellers

Vintage Furniture Dealers in North Carolina

I've done a couple of these series now where I highlight some local NC businesses that I love for great home decor finds and art. So many times I am searching for great furniture finds for my clients so I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my go-to gals for furniture. They all have a great eye and super reasonable price points. Plus, they couldn't be any nicer! So, I try to support them and shop their furniture finds when I can. Also, pro-tip: what you may not know just from following along on their Insta accounts is that if you give them a heads up about a particular piece you are on the hunt for, they will all willingly either keep an eye out for you themselves as they are treasure hunting or they will send you some items from their stash (and y'all they have some seriously great stashes) that might fit the bill for your space.

So, here are five of my favorites. Below I've given you my thoughts on what I love about each of them. You can also learn a little bit more about these talented ladies in their own words as they each shared a little bit about how they got started and what they love about what they do. And, you can peruse some pics of some killer vintage furniture finds. Enjoy!

Willowbrook Drive (Instagram: @willowbrookdrive)

What I love:

Whitney not only snags a great vintage find but she takes it to the next level and finish many of her finds completely. So, you can get great vintage pieces that are already reupholstered and reimagined and ready to go right into your home. She's not afraid of color or pattern which makes me want to do a happy dance every time I see one of her completed projects. It was love at first sight for me when I saw what she did with her vintage leopard chairs and I've been a fan ever since.

stunning leopard chair by Willowbrook Drive

In Whitney's words:

I think all of my life I've been somewhat entrepreneurial or had a side hustle of some nature. Calling this a "business" sometimes feels a little silly cause this all started as a way to pass off my furniture addiction as a purposeful and profitable venture. My husband is luckily very understanding and supportive nad even super helpful with this passion project of mine. He loves all my "finds" and never complains when he has to move heavy furniture - and trust me, it's a never ending shuffle. He even helps me out by being my personal furniture photographer. My parents actually help a lot too - it takes a village! My dad is a contractor so if anything needs repair, I will recruit his expertise. My mom is great with helping me paint, staging, along with deciding fabrics and paint colors. It's great to have such a supportive partner and family. So really this all started when I would find something amazing - give it a new life by painting it or having it reupholstered, and then I would decide a few months later that it didn't work in my house or I'd find something even better. I'm a constant "changer-outer." I've moved on from there and just started buying pieces I love to resell but every now and then I'll hold on to something for myself!

I first started selling my furniture on Craigslist and it was a great excuse to buy more! I felt like I was on to something. I love the thrill of the hunt and I Love finding something really fabulous. My first "flip" was probably painting a huge armoire and painting and reupholstering a cool vintage rolling desk chair when I was like 16 that I found on the side of the road in our neighborhood. My taste has changed so much since then but style is such an evolving thing. These days I am too busy with my non-stop, non-napping two year old to do much of the sweat work myself.

I could never pick a "favorite piece" and I'm always on the hunt for the next dream piece. Most recently I got an amazing Milo Baghman for Thayer Coggin swivel "cuddle chair." It's an oversized mid-century swivel chair on a plinth base and it's so fun. Our whole family can fit in it! I'm keeping this one - at least for now. :)


Vintage Trove (Instagram: @vintagetrove1)

What I love:

When I first started my business, Sarah was one of the first people I bought from for a client (an adorable vintage campaign desk for a little boy's room!). Sarah was so helpful and kind and made it such an easy process for me. I just recently snagged an awesome rattan chair for a client's beach house from her and she's bent over backwards to help me look for some other pieces that I need for clients. She's got great versatility and range in her finds and she's definitely one to follow along with!

Vintage rattan chair

vintage campaign desk

In Sarah's words:

My name is Sarah Winbourne, and I have a passion for anything vintage and the thrill of finding it! I began my journey of searching for vintage finds from the inspiration of my mother in law who passed away too soon when my husband was younger. Her love for anything blue and white, chinoiserie, palm beach, and vintage now fills our home. When my husband was left many pieces we wanted to use them in our home to help keep her memory alive. I began searching for other items that would match what special pieces were hers. That lead me to my love for the hunt and the thrill of finding them! Now that our house is full of vintage picks I wanted to share finds with others! Some of my favorite brands include Drexel, Henredon, Henry Link, Bernhardt and Thomasville. I believe everyone can have a home that is comfortable, inviting and attractive .


KP Bungalow (Instagram: @kpbungalow)

What I love:

Nikki is so impressive to me - she's got a busy day time job and this is her side hustle and hustle she does! She's got an amazing stash of faux bamboo dressers, some killer cane chairs and benches, campaign furniture and then plenty of my favorite kinds of accessories - blue and white and brass pieces. She's got an amazing eye and is definitely worth checking out and following along.

vintage faux bamboo desk

vintage cane chairs

campaign dresser

In Nikki's words:

Hi - My name is Nikki and I’m a full-time paralegal and part-time treasure hunter. I started my collection of Chinoiserie inspired pieces years ago when my grandmother’s pieces were passed down to me. My collection grew into a garage full of blue and white, campaign (my favorite), and faux bamboo. My husband told me it had to go so, voila! I started KP Bungalow to share my love for hunting with others. My favorite places to shop are flea markets, antique stores, and thrift stores. Having this shop has been such a blessing. It’s a lot work but very rewarding. The best part of KP Bungalow is getting to meet so many new people. I have learned so much this past year and I am forever grateful for the friendships I have made.


Cassandra's Finds (Instagram: @cassandras_finds)

Cassandra has seriously, seriously great finds. And while much of it is furniture, she's also got rugs and accessories and everything you never knew you needed. I have major problems when she posts because I WANT IT All but I have no space for it. I very nearly purchased a pair of benches (see below) from her recently for no good reason other than I wasn't sure I would be able to live without them. Also, I cried when she wrote to me with the reason she started her business. It's a rough club to be in - the one where you lose your mother too young (or at any age for that matter!) - but what a beautiful tribute to her mom who I know would be so proud.

Note: when I initially planned and researched the people to include in this post, I knew I HAD to include Cassandra because of how much I love everything she finds. For some reason, I had it in my head (and goodness knows why!) that she was based out of North Carolina and I messed that part up royally! She's actually based in Florida BUT, she ships to NC all the time. She's too cool not to share with this other round up of great NC ladies. So, please forgive my error but definitely follow along with Cassandra anyway!

vintage kilim covered stools

In Cassandra's words:

My mother was a huge influence on me as far is appreciating vintage and antiques in the home. I started an Instagram because my husband didn’t have an appreciation for what I was finding. I didn’t think I would get any followers. I love the Instagram community. Mostly positive and encouraging. Eventually some antique stores and resellers reached out to me to find things for their stores.

I started selling to the public because some of the resellers didn’t want to buy some things that I really loved and I still wanted to share it with others. It’s one of the things that excites me about this, helping people find the piece that they’ve been looking for. And their excitement when they get it in their home! I get just as excited.

I would say I have more of an eclectic taste however I favor traditional, Asian and Palm Beach Style.

My mother passed away about six years ago, I know she would’ve loved that I do this. That’s why the shop is in honor of her.

Oh and some of my all-time favorite finds are, A handpainted chinoiserie wallpaper panel that was framed in the ornate carved wood. Mario Lopez Torres wicker bird lamp and Pagoda chairs 💜


Furniture Thrills (Instagram: @furniturethrills)

If you ever need mirrors or benches, there's a good chance Anne has some beauties. But she's also got a great mix of campaign furniture, KILLER rattan options, blue and white accessories and a little bit of everything in between. Read on to hear about how Anne got started - I LOVE that she started so young!

In Anne's words:

My love for furniture and all things home oriented started at a young age as I was highly influenced by my mother and her amazing style. Thanks to her advice, I started collecting furniture when I was in college. Not wanting to put these items in my lovely dorm room, I would store them at my parents house knowing that one day I would use them in my future home. By starting my furniture collection at young age really helped me have a variety of styles and unique pieces. Each piece has a story - a graduation present from my parents, pair of chairs from an estate sale, end tables purchased in auction, the list goes on! I love when people ask about a piece of furniture or art and I get to tell the great story behind it. I started Furniture Thrills in August of 2017, I had just gotten married and moved into my first "adult home" in Chapel Hill. My obsession with furniture really flourish as I furnished our home! Eventually, I ran out of room in our house for any more furniture finds which is when and why I launched Furniture Thrills! I wanted to continue to find great pieces of furniture and now I am able to share them and offer them for sale to all of my Instagram followers! It is hard work, but is so fun and I have met some great people while doing this!


That concludes this round up of fabulous NC furniture finds! I hope you have seen some inspiring pieces and learned a little about the wonderful people behind these online shops. I've said it once but I'll continue saying it - buying vintage can mean great prices and great quality - not to mention unique and beautiful style!

xo, Cameron

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