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A Sweet Nursery with a Fun Reveal

Recently I received a call from a client I had previously work with to see if I could help her with her nursery. She knew she wanted pinks and she knew she wanted a pretty floral wallpaper. She sent me a couple of inspiration photos and then we started with a moodboard to make sure I was understanding the direction she wanted to go in. Because they weren't sure how long they were going to be in their current home, we talked about picking a more neutral color for the wallpaper instead of the floral. I picked a neutral, texutral and timeless grasscloth. This was my initial mock-up:

She loved it but still felt like she wanted to go with a floral wallpaper so my next step was to narrow down the playing field for her some. There are a bazillion options out there and I find so many times clients trying to do it on their own sometimes just get overwhelmed and shut down because it is hard to make a decision. Also, if you aren't used to seeing wallpaper scale, it can be hard to visualize to make a decision. I short-listed these wallpaper options for her next:

Some of them were very much in her comfort zone and some were not. I had my eye on one particular paper from the beginning and knew it would be the perfect blend of her comfort zone as well as something a little extra for her and thankfully she trusted me and we went for it. (No pressure on me at all if she didn't like it once installed - ha ha!).

The other part of the nursery that she had some input into was the dresser. I proposed a vintage dresser both for the quality of the craftsmanship of it, the uniqueness of the piece and the ability to customize it into anything we wanted. She agreed and I sent her multiple options but ultimately she landed on this gorgeous beautiful option:

The lines were fantastic and the size was just perfect. After that she left it up to me to pick the color of the dresser not to mention all of the other details in the space.

She decided to reuse the glider from her son's room for practical purposes and to put more towards the rest of the budget in the space. It was perfectly neutral so a great option.

Based on the wallpaper choice, I selected a beautiful but sophisticated shade of pink for the dresser and a warm, creamy white for the walls. Here is the dresser after its lacquer job (thanks to the talent and work of Rail and Stile!):

The wallpaper went up next. I have to admit I was nervous because it was out of her comfort zone and the entire room really was dependent on this feature. Thankfully she loved it!

So after the wallpaper installation, it was up to me to finish selecting the furniture and accessories. The trickiest part was Covid...we were on a short timeframe to get it all done before she had the baby and delays on deliveries thanks to Covid were a nightmare (it was touch and go that the wallpaper would even arrive in time!). I paid close attention to delivery dates before I ordered things but even then there were extended delays - thankfully the worst one was for a storage piece for the closet so it didn't delay the nursery install.

The best part of this installation was that my clients didn't know anything about what was going in other than the dresser and the nursery wall. It was exciting and nervewrecking at the same time!

I was fortunate to have the help from a wonderful handyman and a design assistant who spent the morning at my client's putting the crib and bookshelves together, installing curtain rods, hanging mirror and art, etc. I was on call but trying to manage three kids and virtual kindergarten at the same time that morning so my team was an integral part of the install!

Lastly, I'll show the space upon completion. By far my most favorite part was ushering the family in to see the space for the first time. They were so happy and I loved when her husband exclaimed that it looked like it belonged in a magazine - high compliment!

And the best news of all is that sweet Olivia Marie is here and is healthy and beautiful! Congrats to her whole family!


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