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Before and After: A Punchy Patterned Guest Bedroom

This project was such a joy to work on that it deserved its own blog post. This was truly a case of decorating a box which is always such a fun challenge to layer and add color, texture, pattern and personality. And this room is now not lacking in any of those things! Let's start with the before pictures of the space:

My client knew she wanted wallpaper, a king-sized bed, new nightstands, window treatments and art so we started with the wallpaper first so we could build the room off of that. She already had one in mind but after seeing it in person and weighing it against a few other options she decided that this Cole and Son's paper was THE one. And it is a good one!

Next, we finalized the paint color for the trim and ceiling and then I pulled some preliminary fabrics for the space to coordinate with the wallpaper. Then we scheduled a meeting at my studio so that she could see the fabrics in person and we could finesse and finalize the decisions. She was totally game to go for it with color and pattern which is always so much fun to me! Here was our final fabric scheme for the space:

Since there was so much pattern on the walls we went with a solid drape to allow the eye to rest somewhere but kept it from being boring with a lovely tape that coordinated the blue from the trim and ceiling with the green from the wallpaper. The other fabrics and trim were for the bed.

Once we set the fabric scheme I was able to source the bed, bedding, nightstands and some of the loveliest lamps I've ever laid eyes on to finish off the room. My client gets credit for commissioning the incredible art by April Atchley that couldn't be more perfect in the space!

I managed all of this remotely and it wasn't until just a few months ago that I got to see the room in its entirety and I knew that pictures on my phone just couldn't do it justice so I enlisted the help of the incredibly talented Anna Routh Barzin to photograph the space and I am appreciative of my clients for letting us come do the shoot. I added some simple styling prior to the shoot and am thrilled with how the photos turned out:


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