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2022 The Year in Review

2022 has helped us all return to some semblance of normalcy post-pandemic (thank goodness) and has been a busy one for my business and our family. Some big changes happened with Cameron Jones Interiors within the last year and many, many small and big changes happened for my wonderful clients. Here are just a few of the highlights (I'll table the lows for another day but there were plenty of those as well if I'm keeping it real!):

On the home front, early in the new year we were finally able to complete our primary bathroom renovation. The renovation was necessitated by a leak in our shower but the bathroom really needed a facelift so it was time. I did manage to write a blog post with some of the details of that space so you can read that here.

Also in the start of the new year I was offered an incredible opportunity to move out of my home office into a real studio space. My friends at Rail and Stile opened a new showroom for their beautiful vintage furniture and I got my very own office. It has been incredible to get to have a proper space to meet with my clients and storage to house all of my samples. Shortly after I made plans to move in, Kenda and Marty of Kenda Kist Jewlery took the space next to me and it has been awesome getting to know them. Plus, I now have wonderful friends and colleagues now to talk to and celebrate (and commiserate about) small business ownership. I've had fun setting up my new space - and in keeping with my usual MO, it is a mix of old and new! Here is a peek at the new space but if you haven't been yet you have to come by the showroom and say hi!

I also had so much fun getting to work with Rail and Stile to set up their space and you'll regularly find me adding fun custom pillows to their shop:

It was so gratifying seeing a few spaces completely finished. I need to do some blog posts on all the changes we incorporated but here were a couple of rooms that we finished with clients who are very dear to me:

The wallpaper trend isn't going anywhere it seems. Here were a few installs that I really loved seeing. This first one on the ceiling of a client's dining room is a showstopper!

There were LOTS of fun custom window treatments we did for clients. Here are just a few:

Another exciting part of the year was seeing my client's beautiful home in the June/July issue of Triangle Home and Design!

The other part of my business that has definitely picked up has been virtual design. Not being able to see things in person definitely adds a layer of challenges but we have had some exciting wins as well. Here are a few of my virtual highlights:

This lovely nursery I was able to design all without stepping foot in the space. Photographed beautiful by Katie Britt Photography:

This pretty dining room near the coast with custom window treatments, reupholstered vintage chairs and the loveliest wall color:

And these reupholstered chairs with the prettiest trim detail:

And lastly, my website got a new look and was updated with more of my portfolio. Prim Marketing Group, as always, knocked it out of the park - thank you!! At some point a goal off mine is to add a shop page to the website.

If you have made it this far, thanks so much for reading and taking the time to spend a little time with me. I am so appreciative of all of my clients for their trust and support and extremely indebted to my incredible and hardworking vendors, reps and trades for their expertise and dedication - none of the things I do could happen without them! And of course my assistant Melissa who does so much behind the scenes to keep things running and my husband for putting up with me and always cheering me on! Wishing you and your families and loved ones health and happiness in the new year ahead! I'm excited to see what projects are in store for 2023!


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