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Mirth Studio's Fabulous Hardwood Tiles

I dream of one day getting to tile a floor. And when I do, I hope I receive permission from the hubs to go big. These Mirth Studio tiles are absolutely gorgeous and would totally do the trick! They are like an art installation for your floor. I also feel like {says the TOTAL novice} they would be an achievable DIY to do for a small laundry room or other space because you can just apply them over existing flooring. And they have a wood floor option or a peel and stick option. Their pre-made designs are beautiful but the best part is that you can also completely customize them! Here are a few samples of their individual pre-made tiles:

So pretty, right? But, just look at how much cooler they get once you group them like they would be on a floor:

And here are a few images of finished floors. So cheerful and loaded with personality! These wood tile floors would totally make a space!

All images via the Mirth Studio website.

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