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Happy Valentine's Day from the Abode

My husband is traveling {again} this week so we will celebrate a make up Valentine's Day this weekend. The kiddos and I have had a nice holiday though. Forrest has been really into wishing everyone a "Happy Valentine's Day!" and has been especially jazzed about all the sweet treats.

We had fun decorating Valentine's cookies with some friends.

I wrapped up some festive little gifts for everyone.

My mom always had a special spot for our gifts for whatever holiday. For Valentine's Day, my brother and I always rushed to the kitchen table to find our treats at our seat at the table. My kids are still in a little people table and chairs but they definitely have their own "seats". Chaos ensues if someone tries to take the other one's spot.

Forrest's class had a Valentine's party at school and he brought home lots of goodies...and is now on a sugar high!

And I decorated the house with a few Valentine's touches although I feel like I need to amp up my Valentine's decorating game. It feels a little weak next to the other holidays. A glittery garland of hugs and kisses hangs on the mantle.

I made these felt hearts years ago but I like hanging them in unexpected places around the house. Not only are they festive for Valentine's Day but I actually made them shortly after I lost our first baby. They are a reminder to me of the little miracle we never got to know. But, it also reminds me of how far we have come and how lucky we are to have the two incredible munchkins that we do have. They are by far the best Valentine's I could have ever dreamed of!

A little pom pom garland decorates the door frame in the playroom.

Our wonderful former nanny, Lourdes, made this for us on Forrest's first Valentine's Day. I will treasure it always and get a kick out of seeing it hanging in the playroom.

Hope everyone got to spend a happy day celebrating those that you love! xo, Cameron

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