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The magical beauty of Carley Summers design and styling

To me, Carley Page Summers is an interior styling magician. She has this way of transforming a white box into this incredible space layered with texture, warmth, color that feels totally authentic and original. The textiles alone in her spaces are to die for. Throw in some truly unique furniture and accessories and voila! If this isn't eye candy for your Monday, I don't know what is!

Every time I look at one of these photos again, something different catches my eye. Initially I am drawn to the rugs and bedding or upholstery which offer such great texture, pattern and color. But then when you step back and pay attention to the furniture, some of the pieces are like works of art. Just pay close attention to the bed frames in all of the bedroom pictures.

Just when you think you have a sense of her style nailed (think boho meets glam in all of the photos so far), she throws in curve balls. The bedroom below is much more subdued but every bit as much layered just with a more neutral, vintage vibe.

I would not say no to an invitation to eat at this table no matter what was on the menu. I love the mix of woods and metals combined with all of the fresh flowers and greenery.

This kitchen is pretty much perfection. I love the dark lower cabinets paired with the warm open wooden cabinets up top. And those pillows are so stunning. Reminds me of these from Collectiv Co that I posted about last week.

We spent so.much.time in our kitchens and I don't know why we don't spend more time taking care to decorate the space to make it feel cozy and welcoming. I'm guilty of this myself but actively working on changing that. I love the idea of plants, art, mirrors and textiles making their way into the kitchen. The drama of these dark cabinets and incredible stone work against the white walls is so sophisticated.

Another advocate for a vintage rug in the kitchen. I love the pot rack and how it feels real and not staged since everything doesn't match. Subway tile all the way to the ceiling and I love how it masks an otherwise unsightly bulkhead.

I've found myself getting sensitive about wood lately. I am all about lacquering and painting old pieces but sometimes I feel like it is just a big trend and people do it just for the sake of doing it. I actually cringed earlier on Instagram when I saw someone post an absolutely STUNNING antique buffet that they planned to paint. When wood is pretty and in good condition, I vote to keep it! Every space should have a hit of real wood to warm it up in my opinion.

Brass+white+plants+layered rugs+wood= yep.

Hello incredible light fixture and perfectly manicured gallery wall. I love you. Kind of not sure about that random grazing sheep though...

If it snows this week like it says it is going to, I'm running away. You can find me here:

{All images in this post are via the stunning portfolio belonging to Carley Summers.}

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