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A Penny For Your Thoughts

Have y'all noticed the recent resurgence in design of making words and images out of penny tile in bathrooms and entryways? I am totally digging it.

There's nothing new about it. In fact, I think that's probably what I love about it. It feels super retro but with a fresh and modern take. Here's an example of an antique drug store and their entry done out of penny tile:

There's something very timeless about penny tile which is why you still see it being used so much. And, while the tile gets it name from the small round shape, it is also affordable as far as tile goes - it is the labor that can add up since laying the tile and grouting it can be time consuming. But so worth it, if you ask me.

Just look at some of the fresh takes designers have been doing with tile these days! So many of them are nice little happy reminders and cheery inspiration.

Bria Hammel Interiors

I am so into this adorable "girls" and "boys" penny tile for a Jack and Jill bathroom! And I love how the tiles are varied shades of blue - they almost look hand painted.

jack and jill bathroom with words in penny tile

This "No Diving" is such a fun addition to a beach or lake house bathroom.

No Diving words in penny tile in a coastal house

This shower with the cheerful reminder to "wash behind your ears" is a work of art. I love how the font and tiles mimic computer pixelation.

words in bathtile

A lovely reminder in case you are having a bad day or need a little pick me up - YOU are beautiful!

Not exactly a word but the sentiment is still there. I love it.

It has my mind reeling with possibilities for a fun bathroom or laundry room update. Anyone?!

xo, Cameron

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