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Sophisticated and Comfortable Sitting Room

This space was really fun to design with my clients since we started with a completely blank slate! The room is adjacent to their kitchen and dining room and formerly served as a playroom for their three young children. As the children have gotten a little older, the adults decided to reclaim the space for themselves. My client wanted a comfortable but beautiful space where they could read, relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the evening or host friends. Her children also take piano so the room needed to still house the piano for the family.

Here's where we started:

One of the first things we did was to select a light fixture which was easy because my client had been eyeing one for quite some time so we went ahead and got that installed:

Next I put together a few layout options for them and we decided that a sofa with end tables and two swivel chairs would maximize seating options for hosting and would be comfortable for everyone.

After that it was time to think about the design of the space. I put together this moodboard to help them visualize things:

Because of the insane (I'll reiterate INSANE) furniture delays these days our next step was to review the fabrics for the furniture so we could get that ordered. Since we were ordering furniture to their specifications, we decided to do something especially custom and add a pretty trim to the swivel chairs. We narrowed down the options:

Furniture ordered and then we got to wait....and wait....and wait for it to come. In the meantime, we got to work on deciding on fabrics for the draperies, curtains and a cushion for the piano bench. Here is where we landed:

We got the fabrics and window treatment hardware ordered so we could have those things ready to go when the furniture finally arrived. We then focused on the smaller pieces for the room that weren't going to be custom - the side tables, lamps, art, mirror and coffee table.

And finally the furniture arrived! It was so fun seeing it all come together and just last week I got to go back in to help with styling to finish things off. Here is how it turned out:

The art just makes that room to me! They are so pretty and the large scale makes the small room feel bigger.

Live plants, pretty books and some decorative accessories including some vintage Rose Medallion pieces finished off the space.

So thrilled with how it turned out for them!


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