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Affordable and Adorable Patio Umbrellas

Affordable and Cute Patio Umbrellas

Summertime is in full gear and it is getting HOT. We have a little back deck that doesn't get a lot of use partly because we spend so much time on our front porch and partly because I've just kind of neglected it. The previous homeowners left the furniture here and since I haven't really wanted to shell out for new furniture for a space we don't use that much, I just kept it. It's not attractive but with a little sprucing the space could be cute.

One thing that I think would really help is an umbrella to give us a little shade and to protect it from the leaves and sticks that fall down (and don't get me started on the pollen when it is that time of year!).

My inspiration for this post was when I came across this umbrella from World Market:

black and white scalloped patio umbrella

After hitting up their website to check it out, I found some other killer options - all for around $150!

black and white patio umbrella

After searching around on World Market's site, I started my quest to find some other sources cute and affordable options for this post. I love the bright chartreuse color and the fun ikat pattern on this one. Oh, and if the cuteness factor isn't enough, maybe the price tag will entice you - it is on sale for $36! I had to do a double take when I saw the price.

ikat patio umbrella

For all you TarHeel fans (I am back home in North Carolina after all!), this light blue number is super cute and I love the squared-off scallop detail.

Carolina blue patio umbrella

I love this nature inspired botanical print. And $89, y'all! Target does it again.

botanical print patio umbrella

Lastly, this blue stripey number would be such a fun statement to your outdoor area - or if you are especially lucky, poolside!

blue strip patio umbrella

Happy Friday friends!



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