Kate Lewis Art - Bright, Whimsical Watercolors of Florals and Interiors

I saw Kate Lewis featured on OKL today and was immediately hooked. I want to live in a house decorated just like one of Kate's paintings! They are so colorful, lively and full of pattern, style and texture. I think I've mentioned before but my mom was an artist and watercolor was her main medium of choice. She had a very whimsical style about her work which I think is why I'm so drawn to this type of art. Plus, who could stay in a grumpy mood with fun pieces like this on your walls? The icing on the cake? Her original art is still priced at a point that you don't have to be a rich mogul or fancy art dealer to be able to afford! Some of the less detailed originals (like below) start for

The Timelessness and Modernity of Grass Cloth

I'm helping a friend decide on a colored grass cloth to back her shelving in her living room. It's currently helping the deep need I feel to wallpaper something in my own home. And this way it is free! Grass cloth is a timeless choice when picking wallpaper. It also offers great texture while remaining neutral which means your decor styles and colors can change but you don't have to worry about your wallpaper clashing or becoming outdated. My friend's living room built in shelving is white and just needs a little oomph. I've been trying to convince her to go darker to get out of her comfort zone a little...like this look: But in the end, it is her space and she has to be happy in it and

Happy Valentine's Day from the Abode

My husband is traveling {again} this week so we will celebrate a make up Valentine's Day this weekend. The kiddos and I have had a nice holiday though. Forrest has been really into wishing everyone a "Happy Valentine's Day!" and has been especially jazzed about all the sweet treats. We had fun decorating Valentine's cookies with some friends. I wrapped up some festive little gifts for everyone. My mom always had a special spot for our gifts for whatever holiday. For Valentine's Day, my brother and I always rushed to the kitchen table to find our treats at our seat at the table. My kids are still in a little people table and chairs but they definitely have their own "seats". Chaos ensues

Inspiration for Our Blue Porch Ceiling

I'd say one of the things we love most about our house is our great front porch. It is huge, it is low to the ground so the kids can't easy fall off, it has great air flow (especially thanks to outdoor fans) and it even has a porch swing. Now that we are in North Carolina in a place with a relatively mild temperature for many months of the year, we really get to take advantage of using this outdoor space. You can get an idea of our porch from a past post about our front yard makeover. My husband and I took a trip to Beaufort, NC for a weekend last summer. It was one of the only times we have been away without the kids so in addition to it being a pretty great town, it was made even be

Mirth Studio's Fabulous Hardwood Tiles

I dream of one day getting to tile a floor. And when I do, I hope I receive permission from the hubs to go big. These Mirth Studio tiles are absolutely gorgeous and would totally do the trick! They are like an art installation for your floor. I also feel like {says the TOTAL novice} they would be an achievable DIY to do for a small laundry room or other space because you can just apply them over existing flooring. And they have a wood floor option or a peel and stick option. Their pre-made designs are beautiful but the best part is that you can also completely customize them! Here are a few samples of their individual pre-made tiles: So pretty, right? But, just look at how much co

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